Frequently Asked Questions

Question :   What is online Marketplace?
Answer :   Online marketplace is a website or app where you can find products coming from multiple third parties. The third parties (suppliers or resellers) list their products on eBay, Amazon and many other marketplaces.
Question :   Where can I sell my products?
Answer :   There are many websites where you can sell your products. Some of the most common marketplaces are eBay, Amazon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and even your own website.
Question :   Do I need a Marketplace account to sell items?
Answer :   YES. You need to sign-up for an account with the marketplace in which you want to sell your products. This allows you to have full control on your account settings.
Question :   Are there any charges or fees to list your products on marketplace?
Answer :   Each marketplace has their own pricing. Please check directly with the marketplace. We are currently working with eBay and Amazon, so we advise you to check their pricing.
Question :   Are there any limits to list on marketplace?
Answer :   Each marketplace has their own rules and regulations. We highly recommend that you check their listing policies.

Question :   Who is a supplier?
Answer :   A supplier, also called a dropshipper, is a company that stocks in bulk from several manufacturers and vendors. Generally, they sell products to resellers, wholesalers and retailers. A genuine wholesale supplier may require your Tax ID (EIN) number. This distinguishes them from discount retailers and resellers who market, particularly online, as wholesalers.
Question :   Can I see the Products before choosing a supplier?
Answer :   Yes, you can create a free account with us which will allow you to login and see the products from each of our approved suppliers.

Question :   Who are we?
Answer :   FeedGateway has two lines of business to select from, you can either register with us as a seller or supplier. We act as a mediator between marketplaces, dropship suppliers, and the sellers. We provide feed automation and order fulfillment services. FeedGateway is fully integrated with robust interfacing technology. We offer an extensive selection of our approved supplier’s inventory, which is interfaced with world leading marketplaces. Our system is currently integrated with eBay and Amazon

Question :   How do I know if the item is in stock?
Answer :   FeedGateway regularly provides the most updated inventory information to the sellers.
Question :   How often do you add new products of the suppliers?
Answer :   We synchronize products on a regular basis in accordance with our supplier's data feed.
Question :   How do I know when I sold an item(s)?
Answer :   Generally, marketplace sends an email notification after your item has been sold. You can also login to the marketplace account to view your product activities.
Question :   What do I do after I sell a product on marketplace?
Answer :   Once a buyer purchases the product and the payment made successfully then you will be requested to fulfill the order. Afterwards, the seller will send the order fulfillment request to the dropshipper. Once the dropshipper receives the order confirmation, they will ship the product directly to the buyer and send the shipping and tracking details to the seller. You (seller) will then update the tracking number in the marketplace account.
Question :   How can buyer track the orders?
Answer :   Once your order has shipped, buyer will get the notification either from seller or marketplace and check the status of the package once it's in transit. Buyer will be notified of the status of your package right up to the delivery.
Question :   Are there any discounts offered on feed integration services?
Answer :   YES. In fact, we offer two different types of discounts. 1. Cumulative discount: This discount is applicable when you purchase more than one service. (See our Pricing) 2.We also offer a second layer of discount on the total price of your services. This discount is offered based on the subscription type you select e.g. quarterly, semi-annual or annually.
Question :   I am not sure which plan I need, can you help me decide?
Answer :   Yes, we suggest the more appropriate and profitable plan to our customers. Please contact us by email
Question :   I am not from the USA, can I still signup?
Answer :   No, we are currently not offering services abroad.
Question :   I already work with a dropshipper, can I integrate their products with FeedGateway?
Answer :   FeedGateway offers a great variety of dropshippers that are integrated with us. Check “View Supplier” to verify if your supplier is available on our list, if not, you are more than welcome to contact us so that we may integrate your supplier.
Question :   Can you build an online store for me?
Answer :   Yes, our experts can build your online store according to your business needs. We ask that you provide the domain name. This process involves us loading your website with all the products from your chosen suppliers. We will also apply daily updates to make sure that your site contains the most recent products.
Question :   Does Feed Gateway markup the product prices?
Answer :   No, we do not have any markup or commission percentage from the seller. We simply charge flat rates upfront for the services we provide.
Question :   Can I sell my own Products as well?
Answer :   Absolutely! Listed below are three ways that you can sell your products: 1. If you previously own a website, you can simply download the inventory feed from FeedGateway, and integrate with your website. 2. If you do not have your own website, you can purchase our “Build On-Line Store” and we can design and configure so that we can list inventory on it. 3. You can also register with us as a supplier and we can list your items through our account with all the available marketplaces.
Question :   Do all your Suppliers Dropship?
Answer :   Yes. We believe that FeedGateway’s database has the largest collection of wholesale dropship and all of the suppliers we work with are dropship suppliers.
Question :   What do I need to get started?
Answer :   To get started, you will first need to create a free account.

Question :   What Is Drop Shipping?
Answer :   Drop shipping is a retail business model; and it is different from traditional models in that the owner purchases product from a vendor when an order has been placed by a customer. This completely removes the need to own or store inventory and brings up a wide range of opportunities. Drop shipping refers to a process in which products ship directly from supplier to customer, rather than shipping to the business itself. The main benefit of drop shipping is saving on resources and time. In the drop shipping business, you don’t have to pack and ship your own products and you could use your time and resources to other business promotion activities.
Question :   How does Drop Shipping work?
Answer :   The drop shipping model is relatively simple. It consists of the following steps:
1. A buyer places an order with an online seller.
2. The seller receives the order and forwards it to the drop shipping partner (Supplier).
3. The drop shipper packs and sends the products in the order directly to the buyer on behalf of the seller.
4. The buyer receives the products ordered.