About Us

Who We Are

We are an inventory feed management company that acts as a mediator by providing feed automation services between the marketplaces, wholesale suppliers (Dropship companies), and savvy, profit-minded successful business sellers. FeedGateway connects these distinct entities with each other by products, financial and buyer’s data. Our highly skilled and vastly experienced team of feed automation and ecommerce specialists are committed to helping our customers maximize their profits while they build their business and brand. With lightning fast service, extraordinary customer support, FeedGateway might not have invented drop-shipping - but we certainly have revolutionized it. With hundreds of dropship partners, FeedGateway is the ideal inventoryfeed provider of high-quality products for e-commerce professionals and online retailers alike. Harnessing the power of our outstanding strategic partnerships and unparalleled customer service experience, FeedGateway delivers an ecommerce experience that is sure to exceed all expectations.

What We Do

At FeedGateway, we proudly offer our clients a full suite of inventory feed services and business solutionsfor a fraction of the cost of our competition. Using our vast network of strategic partners and product connections throughout the nation, FeedGateway helps our clients find the right product at the right price through our supplier’s catalogs for their business. Our services include feed automation (Listing to marketplace)- FeedGateway also provides a comprehensive self-service “My FeedGateway” feeder center from which the seller can configure all the necessary parameters according to their business needs.The self-service dashboard works as a sales measuring tool. The flexibility of the self-configuration tool allows for the seller to setup and start an online dropship business. Some of the self-service options include/exclude brands, categories, item attributes, SKUs and price adjustments.

What We Value

At our core, FeedGateway prides itself on being a customer service focused, solution driven, strategic online business partner for e-commerce businesses and online retailers of all sizes. Our entire philosophy is built on the belief that by cultivating long-term strategic partnerships with manufacturers and drop-shipping companies, sourcing products of tremendous value and quality, and working with suppliers who are dedicated to ethical business practices, we can best support our valued customers and do our part to spread joy and high-quality retail products.